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Best Instant Gift Delivery Ideas

Is it their birthday already and you do not know what to gift them even at the last minute? Is it your anniversary, and you at loose ends as to what to buy? Or your baby is graduating out of school, and you so badly want to get him/her something? Finding one’s self in such situations doesn’t necessarily mean we do not care, and it could also mean that we have caught the flu called procrastination. On the one hand, it could be blamed on you not knowing what to gift them. On the other, if you get them one now, you are at a fix as to how to get it across to them. There’s always a solution! Firstly, gift ideas are not a bad idea, so no need for further procrastination. Secondly, instant gift delivery is a beautiful shot!

You can purchase a product now and get it delivered the same day to your loved one. However, gift ideas are playing roles in our lives no matter how bad of the procrastinator we can be. All over the world, people exchange gifts daily for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and celebrations. Siblings, mates, best friends exchange gifts, parents and their kids, lovers, and so forth. People also do surprise gifting with instant gift delivery, and the memories of surprise gifts remain evergreen in the hearts of the parties involved. They are moments people do not forget in a hurry. Whether a child, granny or colleague is the one getting the gifts, we have brought smiles and marked a memorable day in their lives.

2019 top gift ideas for that lucky one!

This is a list of being top ten gift ideas for just anyone, also that can be delivered instantly! No more procrastinating!

  • Gift baskets: Can contain whatever you want, from your heart, of course, to show them how much you care.
  • Spa gift baskets: If you want to make that one feel young and energetic again, here’s the best idea.
  • Mixed bouquets and arrangements: For the love of roses and tulips, GRAB this idea.
  • Cakes and confectionary: These can come in different colours for the sweet tooth. Therefore, these gifts are suitable for any occasion.
  • Movie tickets: There are exciting movies to watch this season. Get “hem tickets!
  • Homemade dinner: Mmm. Do you have that recipe you would want them to try out? So, do yourself the honour.
  • Bring the ice bucket! 
  • Travel tickets: This is another bright idea for vacationing. Cut yourself some slack and travel places with them.
  • Fresh and yummy fruit baskets: Different flavours packed in one basket is the best idea.
  • Speciality tea and coffee: Let them have a taste of your love.
  • Health and fitness gifts: Gift them equipment that will help loosen their muscles.

Also, the list goes on and on. These are just the top ideas on the list. Get hold of them. Get gifts for her, him, child, colleague. The different thing about them is that they are suitable for EVERY situation. Instant gift delivery is the answer, so you need not panic over delivering the package. That is to say; your little problems are solved.

Gift card ideas

Still not satisfied with the options listed above? Want something more? How about gifting them a gift card? Yeah! Also, we got you covered on this one. Printable gift cards can go a long way just the way every other idea will. It is even easier to send a gift card because it can be an e-card. They are hence regarded as a secure technology. Send that gift card to show how particular that person is to you. Gift cards can be emailed to the person. Allow that lucky charm to dream again. Gift cards are easy hands-down gifts. Re-gifting something thoughtful, comfortable, and practical to use. Therefore, if you want to buy somebody something, like a gift, and you are having issues doing that, a gift card is a key. Gift one if you have one.

What is a gift card and how does it work?

Gift cards are also known as gift certificates, gift tokens, or vouchers in different parts of the world. They are meant to make gifting easy; there are no more worries about what to get for them. Recipients are allowed to make choices based on their tastes and preferences. They are generic prepaid money cards with store value issued by retailers or banks to be used in selected stores or related businesses as alternatives for cash.
Gift card, ViaMe Instant Delivery Services

They are redeemable at the relevant retail for purchases and can expire or have fees. Thus, the recipients of gift cards can use them at their disposition. Consumers see them as gifts. In the past years, they have been ranked top most wanted and given gifts. So you see why gift cards can be gifted? They offer the recipients shopping opportunities. Above all, you and the person gets satisfaction from the action.

The best gift cards to gift

  • iTunes: iTunes is a way to go as gifts. They can be used to get a variety of things from the App Store ranging from books, TV shows, music, and apps.
  • Amazon Gift cards: These are hence printed from the comfort of your home. They do not have expiry dates, not fee charges, are redeemable and non-refundable. They can be used to purchase eligible goods from
  • Visa Gift card: This is a non-reloadable prepaid card. You can use it as a debit or credit.
  • eBay Gift card: eBay gift cards can be digital or physical and be used to buy anything in the store. They are gifted as birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration packages. After purchase, the unused amount still stays in the account till the next purchase. 
  • Google Card gift: Google gift cards can be used to purchase music, movies, books, magazines, apps you love. It is one hell of an award. “One gift. Endless ways to play”.
  • Netflix Gift cards: Allow that lucky person to “access unlimited Netflix with one card.” You can use it to pay for movie subscriptions for anybody. I mean anybody. Or gift it.
  • Apple store gift cards: They can be used ONLY in the Apple Online or Retail stores and are redeemable on the same stores ONLY.\ They are not for resale so, gift anyone!
  • Walmart gift cards: They can also use selected stores.
  • Costco: They can be used in any location in the US for bulk buying. Allow them to go on a shopping spree.

Additional instant gift delivery cards

  • gift cards: Do you know a close pal who needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of life? Does that need some fresh air? Do them well by wrapping this gift with a travelling bag. Also, it is redeemable at about 150,000 hotels in more than 200 countries.
  • Handy gift cards: A gift of completed house chores will bring nothing but joy to one. Why not gift it to somebody who needs a hand in putting the house in order? The bill starts at $99. It is a BIG gift.
  • Zeel gift cards: Ahh! Someone needs a massage badly. Rates start from $117 to $182 depending on location. Home service! Knock! Knock!
  • Heavenly gift cards: Is picking the colours to paint the house stressful? Or you don’t know what artworks or paintings to use in the house? Havenly is here for you. They got you covered. They offer interior design services. Chill! It is not what you think. They offer their services online. Their services start at $55. So, try their gift cards.
  • Birchbox gift cards: Beauty tips and updates for that lucky person isn’t a wrong gift. They get to start when they are ready to start getting the beauty showers. Charging rates are affordable, starting at $10 for three months. There are customizations afterwards.
  • Blue Apron gift cards: Give that particular person a sweet treat. Blue Apron has the right food on their menu list to satisfy all your cravings. Also, no need is going to the grocery store to pick items for dinner. So, get it right where you are.

Occasions, where gift cards can be gifted, include; weddings, baby shower, father’s or mother’s day, valentine’s day, congratulations, graduation, house warming, thank you, and so forth, also, on any other day.

Best friend instant gift delivery ideas

“On the lookout for that gift that has great worth as your friend? Getting rewards for besties can be one hell of a task, especially in this situation, when your minutes away from getting lashed for forgetting; and you are out of ideas. However, then, don’t get yourself all worked up because of that. Ideas are handy, and you could make your choice from the list that will follow. Whether you want a gift for their birthday, graduation, or anything, ideas are here to help. Random stuffed teddy bears are out of it, please. Something lit is the best option; and if you are moments away from getting them disappointed, instant gift delivery will take away the sweat! 

There are many ideas to choose from. From apparel to accessories, home appliances, and the whole lot, one can make the best pick! Moreover, when you are done making your pick, you can opt for the instant gift delivery. Most importantly, we get to put smiles on the faces of people that matter to us.

Some exclusive gift Ideas for her!

  • A makeup kit of their favourite products: Especially for the ladies, this will go a long way.
  • Books: For that best friend that always glued to a book, get them a library full of them.
  • A trip to the spa: It is a trip. Book a session for them and get them relieved of stress.
  • A collection of their favourite songs: What more can they ask? When you play the right chords, they will get on the dancing floor!
  • Give them a foreign cuisine treat: One they have always wanted to have. Let your love travel through their stomachs.
  • A lingerie subscription: One of these will get them teary.
  • Shoes and boots: Get those beautiful feet covered with lasting shoes and boots. 
  • Clothes: From jumpsuit to drop shoulder blouses, the clothing rack is full!
  • Printable e-cards: Offer them the opportunity to shop on their own!
  • Jewellery: Getting pendants, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches aren’t a bad idea for gifts and lots more.

Instant gift delivery

“Okay. Thank you for these great ideas, but how do I get my gift delivered before the day runs out?” You are wondering about this as you stare expectantly at your phone or pc screen. Yeah, expectantly; and the clock keeps going tick, tick, slowly shredding every second away. Grab a coffee because it is about to go DOWN! Now, here comes the answer to your question. INSTANT GIFT DELIVERY! “Oh! Does that thing work?” Of course, it does. With the rate at which technology keeps on advancing, almost everything is possible even THIS. So, sit back and read!

Home or personal products bought on/offline are not the only things that can be instantly delivered. You never knew? Now you know. Gifts can be too. There are gifts with instant delivery. The process is simply the same. It can be a surprise and instant gift delivery. It could be on that same day! So, gift packages can be delivered through courier services like or through logistics providers like FedEx, DHL, UPS who do same-day delivery to different locations across the globe. Couriers are known for their speed, security, and swift time delivery to diverse areas. They offer their services to both individuals and companies. Local express delivery is also in the business of shipping goods to customer’s affordable rates. So with these logistics companies, instant gift delivery is possible.

Surprise gifting with instant delivery

Who loves hearing that joyful scream that follows a surprise gift? I bet everyone does, and this I assure you is one best way to give a gift. Just when no one’s looking. No, expecting. It shows how much you care, especially when they least expect something from you. You could surprise them with anything bought from an online/offline store. A gift carefully wrapped in love and INSTANTLY delivered too. Surprise gifts with instant delivery usually come with a lot of fuss and rush because you don’t want to disappoint your loved ones.

This option is very suitable for the hardworking mum or dad or spouse who probably forgot the date while sorting papers or whatever out. It is the best way to compensate that kid, partner, or friend. It is the best way to tell them that you never forgot. Moreover, surprise gifts with instant delivery can even be done from the comfort of your home if you are indisposed.

Several on-demand delivery organizations are ready to put a smile on your face by delivering ASAP. Instant delivery is taking preeminence in the world of business, and also small scale businesses are incorporating it into their system. Online stores also offer fast, same-day, or instant delivery services to different locations through third-party couriers. So you can send that package with the help of these third-party courier companies. Click! Click! It is all you need to do. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba,, Taobao are big online markets that sell whether in large or small quantities and have them delivered to you within your desired time frame.


At times, getting the gift is not the problem but getting them delivered is. However, it is best to move with time and technology — ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any occasions. From the write-up, you won’t get lost trying to do something. You can put your hands on one or two gift ideas to give the best gifts for any occasion. Tips with instant delivery are possible now. Instant gift delivery can meet the average human’s need now. It is the best option for that which you are thinking about!

In conclusion, get the gifts, an instant delivery agent and get your package delivered in/on time! Technology has made life more comfortable, and consequently, we have to move with the technological evolution and stop taking the long and hard route to meet our desires.

Have an excellent time, GIFTING!

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Sending and Receiving gifts is super easy with the ViaMe instant delivery app. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the ViaMe App

    Download the ViaMe app on your preferred device — from the Google Play/ Apple Store.
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  2. Sign-up

    Sign-up by providing your necessary details (name, phone, and e-mail).
    Sign up- ViaMe Application

  3. Set Pick-up and Drop-off Location

    First, select your pick up location from the drop-down location and then select drop-off location.
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  4. Choose the Payment Method

    Choose your preferred mode of payment: cash or credit/debit card
    select payments gateway - ViaMe

  5. Shipping Details

    Enter your shipping details, the receiver’s name, and phone (if it’s not you)
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  6. Confirm Booking

    You will only be charged once the driver accepts! The ViaMe app will notify you when the driver accepts your booking.
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