Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

eCommerce Delivery Solutions in the UAE

Over the past decade, shopping habits have changed rapidly, and now a high percentage of consumers make online purchases. eCommerce for physical goods creates a significant demand for dedicated delivery services, and as a result, there are difficulties with the delivery of the last-mile. Mainly, home delivery services, which are usually the preferred option by online customers, help optimize parcel flows, therefore causing specific problems in urban areas. This article covers eCommerce delivery solutions in the UAE. So, keep reading to dig deeper to find out the essential factors why UAE is a powerhouse in the region for eCommerce and eCommerce delivery solutions in the UAE.

What is eCommerce delivery?

eCommerce delivery, in simple terms, is a delivery service for companies that sell products on the internet that make shipping their products affordable and manageable. However, eCommerce shipping also means a few different things at times where online shopping is becoming incredibly popular, and companies are racing to provide the most reliable online shopping experience at the lowest prices.

Nevertheless, alternative delivery solutions are booming, particularly in urban areas. This year, 2019, has been welcomed as the year for online shopping in the United Arab Emirates. As the eCommerce market is gaining momentum both locally and globally; consumers nowadays are able to leverage on many consumer goods and services, all available through taps, clicks or swipes. 

What is eCommerce industry?

The eCommerce industry is an extensive repository of different stores and retailers, all competing against each other. Many of these stores sell completely different products, and yet under the surface, most of them use similar methods. Hence, the eCommerce industry is a game of hunger, where only the wealthiest companies can survive, and the weak will fall.

UAE eCommerce report by Visa

According to a joint study by global payment technology company Visa and Dubai Economy, the United Arab Emirates is rapidly developing as a fast-growing eCommerce market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA); which ranks top on Forbes’ list of “World’s Best Regarded Companies.” 

In the United Arab Emirates, eCommerce transactions are forecast to total $16 billion (Dh59 billion) in 2019 and an increase of 23% annually between 2018 and 2022.

The rise in eCommerce comes as the digital future in the UAE. According to research conducted by Visa (the global payment technology company), mobile phone diffusion is now 210.9% globally. UAE inhabitants are also in the top ten globally when it comes to spending time on social media and the internet, an average of seven hours and 54 minutes a day.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions in the UAE

What is ViaMe?

ViaMe is your urban delivery partner and always is on the go to make delivery services more comfortable and convenient. Whether it’s instant delivery, same-day delivery, next day schedule delivery or eCommerce delivery solution. ViaMe is always on the move to provide solutions for all your delivery needs.

How is ViaMe beneficial for eCommerce delivery solutions in the UAE?

The eCommerce industry is a highly competitive room where companies selling entirely different products are competing for the same audience. Whether you are a small-to-medium enterprise (SME), large corporation, online shop, retailer, social media seller, eCommerce site or bank, we serve your shipping needs. We specialize in last-mile and eCommerce delivery solutions.

The ViaMe on-demand delivery app makes the process of sending and receiving packages to your clients and customers easier, and frankly also more fun. With a few clicks on the ViaMe app, you can send and receive parcels anywhere in the UAE. More so, there are significant benefits for businesses that implement quick eCommerce delivery solutions. Here are a few offered by ViaMe delivery services:

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions: Convenient for customers

A business is nothing without its consumers. Unless you sell something very unique, the consumer will never give-up on their convenience for you. For instance, a customer is ready to buy your products and can receive it only if they arrive within an hour. However, if you are not offering instant delivery, they will move to another seller who has it. You may lose hundreds of other sales like this if your company does not offer instant delivery services. Also, instant delivery aids in customer loyalty.

ViaMe delivery service is all about on-demand delivery solutions. eCommerce industries or individuals both can be benefited using instant on-demand delivery service as per their convenience; no further delays and hassles to receive your package ordered with ViaMe delivery services.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions: No more lost packages

When using any mail to deliver your product, you are genuinely confident that the package will reach its destination. Although this is not the case with every package; the postal service loses thousands of parcels/packages each month due to the longer time it takes to deliver; as it has many checkpoints to go through. 

The instant delivery module assures that your customers can get their parcel within a few hours of placing the order. However, with ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions customers can receive their order within an hour only. Since the ViaMe delivery process is straightforward, there is no stopping, no checkpoint to avoid delays in delivery. This saves time, money, and angry customer too who can leave a bad review.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions: More sales

At times offering instant delivery can save your customers from moving onto other companies because customers now expect all eCommerce companies to have a same-day delivery or instant delivery feature; or else they may skip them entirely as we mentioned earlier. In addition to saving some of your customers, you can significantly increase your company’s sales.

Since ViaMe on-demand delivery will manage orders and deliveries, you just need to worry about the feedback of your product. Once ViaMe receives the booking, the order will be delivered instantly without any additional checkpoint delays.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions: Keeping an eye on your package

When it comes to customer’s comfort, satisfaction and security, ViaMe comes with its cutting-edge “live-tracking” technology. Using the ViaMe on-demand delivery app users can track their order live once it is assigned to a driver. Live tracking technology plays an essential part in improving customer service with higher response time and increased productivity. Also, it minimizes the lost packages rate to zero.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions: Impact on customers

Customers love the on-demand delivery feature and have shown great support for it. A study showed that over 70% of people are willing to spend an extra $8 – $10 on delivery fee for an order that is $60 or more. This shows how much customers typically like on-demand service.

ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions impact on its customers is fabulous because of its outclass on-demand delivery service, and the transparency of its operation by providing the live tracking system. As a result, customers are giving splendid reviews on digital platforms.

Best eCommerce delivery solutions in the UAE for the eCommerce industry:

  • Free delivery
  • Free in-store pickup
  • On-demand delivery

1- Free delivery

A free delivery may look like the most straightforward strategy; its popularity has grown tremendously since many large companies have introduced free delivery for orders at a certain amount.

Free delivery benefits

  • It responds to consumer expectations.
  • It is easy to explain to consumers.
  • This has a positive impact on the conversion rates for customers who perform it to your check-out funnel.

Free delivery will be free to your customers but not to you. You will still need to pay a carrier, and you must ensure that you are making enough money on each order to cover delivery costs.

If you choose to offer free delivery, it is crucial to know the impact on your bottom-line. Even if you are selling more, if you are losing money on each sale, it will not benefit your bottom-line. The most efficient approach to free delivery is to offer it only for orders where you know you are earning enough on the sale to cover the delivery cost and still make a profit.

2- Free in-store pickup

Free in-store pickup works best for retailers with a brick-and-mortar location. It’s best to turn down free delivery for local online shoppers and promote free in-store pickup instead. Use the opportunity to promote or enhance brand loyalty while in-store.

3- On-demand delivery

In the present era, on-demand delivery has become the lifeline of most companies. The simple notion of getting everything you aspire at your fingertips is a comfort. Any order you place from the internet makes its way to your home, even without stepping outside your home. Whether it’s a new dress, pair of sandals, your favourite lipstick, your mouthwatering food, groceries, or laundry, on-demand delivery ensures that you get your orders within a couple of hours.

ViaMe on-demand delivery provides the instant gratification of all your delivery needs. With ViaMe eCommerce delivery solutions, all of your parcels, big or small, fragile or not, will enjoy the experience of instant delivery.