Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Instant and Same-day Delivery for Corporates

We all know the hassle of running a corporate business. Angry customers and falling stocks never leave your side. But with the proper resources and correct understanding, you might reach the top. Saving a failing business isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. However, dealing with a customer that’s less than pleased can be detrimental. Are you continually having to deal with customers that are dissatisfied with the delivery timing? Or is your pharmacy continuously running short on supply? Even with a mega fleet, if your delivery is delayed, then you might want to look into same-day shipping. Same-day delivery services refer to the delivery of items on the same day. It’s just a tad bit harder to achieve. But once mastered, this service can lead the way for your corporate business. Instant delivery services are used all over the industry. They are not just for personal use.

However, corporates are also signing contracts to enhance their delivery services. The United Arab Emirates is an industrial behemoth. Rapid fast delivery of items within the Emirates is not only recommended but dire. Over a hundred different courier services are offering instant delivery. These include ViaMe, Fed-Ex, MAX Express, Sky Net Worldwide, Amazon, UPS, and DHL. These are all emerging in uptown markets and taking the industry by storm.

Curious to know more about instant and same-day delivery? Read on to learn more about the practice and how everyone can benefit from it.

What is same-day delivery?

Same-day delivery services mean the delivery of the requested products within 24 hours. Typically, courier services that offer same-day delivery have a cut-off time. This is the maximum time by which you can order the same day delivery.

This type of delivery is mostly used by people to urgently delivery documents and parcels. More precisely, it is used for sending gifts and letters that need to be acknowledged immediately. Same-day delivery services require a lot of precision and strategy to establish. But once mastered, they can make any corporate business soar high.

Where can same-day delivery be availed?

Most courier services nowadays, such as ViaMe, Fed-Ex, and MAX Express, offer instant delivery services. These can be availed anywhere in the UAE. The Emirates are industrial giants that require on-time delivery of items. Confidential documents are being sent every second, and parcels and gifts are being passed out. For this reason, same-day delivery to and from the Emirates is urgently needed. Even for regular residents, same-day delivery is emerging in uptown markets.

However, it’s not just the courier company that benefits from same-day delivery. You can utilize second-hand courier services to enhance your logistics. For corporate business owners and managers, same-day delivery can draw the line between profit and loss, especially if your corporation is related to the manufacture and distribution of products. The best part is that most same-day delivery services work internationally as well.

How does it work?

How same-day delivery works?

The process of carrying out an urgent delivery is pretty tricky. The entire process initiates by the courier company. The customer appears physically with the package to ship. In some services, you can have the delivery person pick up the parcel from your door. In such a case, you would have to call the company, and their representative will deal with you.

The logistics team stores the parcel in their warehouse once the order is placed. This is temporary storage, which is mostly meant for sorting the items. Same day delivery items will keep separate from the rest. Then the manager will guide the drivers and delivery persons. From there, they stock their trucks with the couriers and deliver them to their destination.

All of this process takes a few hours. Same day delivery parcels prioritize over the rest. Courier services have up to 100 vehicles in their fleet, so your packages get delivered on time. Other courier services may offer cash on delivery (COD) and card payment. This is mainly why the services are emerging in uptown markets. 

Apart from that, corporates can also sign contracts with same-day delivery services. So you won’t have to do your delivery service. Use their services to enjoy a spike in your sales. Same-day delivery requires many strategies to manage on your own. So it’s best to invest in a contract with experienced delivery services.

How much does same day Delivery Cost?

Domestic shipping

Same day delivery can cost more than regular delivery. In fact, in some instances, same-day delivery can cost as much as AED 200. However, all of that depends on where you’re buying from and the nature of your shipment.

Shipment within the UAE to indoor areas costs around AED 100 to up to AED 150. Depending on the weight of the package, your shipment can be as costly as AED 200. The lowest weight package for domestic deliveries costs as little as 35 AED.

International shipping

For international shipping, the cost increases significantly. For shipping to Saudi Arabia, for example, a 1 kg shipment can take up to AED 300. International shipping costs exceptionally high. But this also depends on what service you use. The rates described above are similar to those of renowned services such as Fed-Ex and Sky Net.

If you are the business owner and want to sign a contract for instant delivery services, that shouldn’t cost much. Most contracts don’t cost at all, save for a minor commission in your capital.

Same-day delivery is part of business

Same-day delivery for pharmacies

For a running pharmacy, same-day-delivery services are very crucial for maintaining a good repute. Customers want their medicines delivered on time. And some medications need urgently. Door-to-door delivery is a need, especially for customers who can’t walk to the pharmacy. This includes anyone who lives too far away from the pharmacy. And also, patients who have a prescription to rest.

Pharmacies should ensure that the medicines they send out should deliver on the same day. Even a single 24-hour delay can put the patient’s life at risk. And often, the pharmacy may face legal cases for not delivering life-saving medicine on time.

If you’re the owner of a pharmacy, you’ll be needing instant delivery services for two purposes. Firstly, you’ll want the equipment and medication to reach the patient on time. Secondly, you will want to restock your pharmacy as soon as possible. In this way, you maintain an inflow of a fresh supply of medicated drugs.

Pharmacies not only sell drugs but also equipment such as syringes and oxygen tubes. For this purpose, you will also need to keep in touch with companies that sell such equipment. On-time delivery is crucial for pharmacies, as most orders are placing urgently.

Many pharmacies are subsidiaries of hospitals. So they might not have their delivery system. In such a case, a contract with a courier service helps maintain customer satisfaction. Since instant delivery services are emerging in uptown markets, pharmacists can benefit from that.

Instant delivery to and from food factories

Food factories make use of instant delivery services to save theirs produces. Typically, food factories apply many preservatives. But for those that deal with organic foods, same-day delivery services are quite beneficial.

Organic crops and fruits can only stay in cold storage for so long; these factories don’t keep their food in the warehouse for long. Doing so risks the food going bad. Since their product has zero preservatives, it is increasingly harder to store the food without spoiling it.

And that’s where instantly delivery services come in. These corporates make use of same-day delivery services to deliver their produce to warehouses and wholesalers. From there, the wholesalers sell these to the retailers. And then they are finally bought by the customer. The entire process is quick and straightforward. Same-day delivery helps keep the food safe and prevents spoiled produce.

Instant delivery services in restaurants and cottage industries

Restaurants and takeaways also make use of same-day delivery. They send the food to your doorstep as soon as it cooks. In general, the food industry is by far the biggest consumer of same-day delivery services. This is why the demand for services is emerging in uptown markets.

Instant delivery is best if you’re the owner of a small cottage industry and sell homemade food items. Your items will reach the customers on time, and your food won’t be spoiled. This is especially handy for bakeries, where custom cakes need to be baked and sold immediately.

If you’re the owner of a big food processing plant, instant food delivery is your best friend. Use it to get the attention of customers. This is especially the case for organic food items.

Delivery for corporate businesses

Corporate businesses that deal with trade and eCommerce are also significant users of same-day delivery. Many people use these services to deliver corporate mails and documents. Confidential documents, such as notifications, certificates, and invoices, are all sent via same-day delivery. This is because most notifications need to be acknowledged immediately.

For anyone who owns an official business, you’ll want to make use of same-day delivery services. Emails and video conferencing has taken over, but many people still use mail. Plus, many contracts and invoices need to be in physical format to be valid. Similarly, awards, trophies, certificates, and medals are all transferred via instant delivery services. Corporates emerging in uptown markets may use instant delivery for additional revenue.

How same-day delivery affects e-commerce websites

If you are the eCommerce website owner, then having an option for same-day delivery is a good idea. There are many products that customers might need instantly. These can include party dresses, food supplements, and computing equipment. If you handle books and journals, then same-day delivery benefits you the most. A majority of your customers will be college students who want the books a few days before exams. Instant delivery services ensure that your customers are getting what they want on time.

Online stores benefit the most from international shipping. Since they are emerging in uptown markets, same-day delivery will do more good than harm. Albeit costlier, international shipping helps ensure a more extensive customer range. Plus, many products are not available locally in some countries. So international shipping increases your services’ reach. Same-day shipping may be opted for by international customers at a higher price.

How same-day delivery is utilized in the uptown?

It’s not just about pharmacies or corporate businesses. Same day delivery is emerging in uptown markets as well. UAE has multiple uptown (residential; non-industrial) districts. Their customers mainly use same-day delivery for gifts and personal mails.

People living in Dubai and Sharjah are mostly there for business reasons. As such, they might want to do the shopping for themselves and their friends back home. However, due to time constraints and job pressures, their shopping dreams stay postponed. But with same-day delivery services, they can order the gifts at an effective rate.

Also, residents need to send many mails. If online services are unavailable, they will write a physical letter back home. Standard delivery takes up to 30 days to deliver. But same-day delivery can ensure the letter reaches on time. Of course, international delivery costs more. However, some of the people are willing to risk it for their families.

Same-day delivery and gifting in the uptown market

Other than that, residents want to send gifts to their relatives back home. This can execute via jetliners that send the parcel instantly to the recipient. International same-day delivery can take longer. But the job usually completes within 24 hours.

In the uptown, same-day delivery courier services gather much revenue. They get a multitude of orders every day, and residents are eager to get the delivery of their parcels on time. Moreover, a lot of corporate business owners live in the uptown. So they use same-day delivery services to ship documents and parcels. Even in the uptown, corporate workers can benefit from same-day delivery services.

Same-day delivery for logistics companies

With all that being said, perhaps the biggest beneficiary of same-day delivery is the service that provides. If you own courier service, then same-day delivery options can gain much revenue for you. Especially since these services are emerging in uptown markets.

Courier services are always delaying deliveries. Often, a customer will come complaining about a parcel that hasn’t reached yet. In such an industry, timely deliveries are what lift you to the top. And same-day delivery options will only enhance your repute further.

Resources required for same-day delivery services

Creating the same day delivery service may require more resources. You’ll need a more massive fleet with vehicles always ready to deliver. You’ll also need to have more efficient workers that deliver parcels precisely on time. And for that, you might also need a fleet monitoring software. You’ll even be needing to settle a cut-off time. Cut-Off time is the maximum time by which any order can place. Set the time a few hours before you close for the day. So any remaining parcels can deliver.

If you’re planning on shipping internationally, jetliners are the fastest way to go about that. Container ships take too long, and many run the risk of sinking. Shipping via trucks is best for places that can be accessed via the highway. Even if you open instant delivery services to just the Emirates, your courier business can excel.

But always make sure to consult with the authorities. Stay legal, and always follow customs rules. If you’re shipping internationally, the parcels will most likely go through customs.


Corporate business owners can undoubtedly take much help from same-day delivery to instant delivery service. Either you make use of it yourself, or you provide these services to your customers. There is no bottom line on how you should use it.

Same-day shipping is emerging in uptown markets. And this is good news for e-commerce websites. Online stores need to ship their products far beyond the borders of the Emirates. Instant shipping ensures that your customers are always getting their parcels on time.

So without further ado, we urge you to try out some same-day courier services. Who knows? Maybe a decent delivery system is all your business is lacking.