Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Instant Delivery is the Next Big Thing

The world is moving at an enormously faster pace than ever before. Likewise, people and companies are moving to more efficient means of transport, payment, and most importantly, delivery. Further, customers now want items and objects of they like right at their doorstep. In the meantime, companies are working to provide that. In the same way, social media provides instant access to friends, internet to answers, food delivery apps to food, and even some apps to clothes and laundry. Thus, customers have chosen ease over all else, which is why Instant delivery is the next big thing. Instant delivery service very much started with food shipping. Although common now, food coming at your house fresh from the restaurant was rare some three or four decades from now.

Regardless, delivery is quite lucrative for restaurants, as the global shipping market is worth nearly €95 million. And this massive instant delivery service industry is seeping into more markets. From logistics and warehousing to unique apps using the on-demand instant delivery module send groceries, the Last-Mile delivery has become common in this current era. But for people who do not know the delivery industry may be wondering what instant delivery is?

What is instant delivery?

First, instant delivery is the new buzzword that is slowly losing its “business.” Once a service unique to certain companies or industries, it is now a standard that every company in every industry is trying to achieve. Instant delivery is just shipping made faster with better tech and much better methods. In many ways, companies and customers alike consider instant delivery services to be the height of customer service.

Moving forward, delivering your customer’s order within the first hour of their request is an awe-inspiring feat. Not all companies can manage to uphold that level. And customers often consider delivery within an hour of anything that they order to be the height of customer satisfaction; and why wouldn’t they?

First of all, consumers of the current age have companies and apps around them that give them quick access to what they want. At the same time, social media lets people see in the lives of celebrities, whereas internet answers questions in a matter of seconds. Moreover, customers’ food delivery comes within 30 minutes. Otherwise, it’s free. In a way, companies have formed an environment for customers where a quick and efficient response now is an expectation. And if a company sinks to live up to that expectation, customers can move on to the next company. So how does instant delivery works?

How does instant delivery works?

Now, instant delivery works much like any other type of shipping service, except it is much faster. An excellent example of this is Amazon. Amazon is easily the most significant online retailer in the world, and it was also the company to normalize last-mile delivery. Interestingly, Amazon makes use of its many warehouses to deliver goods in a short amount of time. In simple words, these warehouses are a tech marvel in their own right. As a result, with the help of automated shelves, packing units, and organizing machines, Amazon can fulfil its promise for instant delivery. Furthermore, Amazon also uses drones and other machines to send these goods faster.

Other than Amazon, of course, there are logistics and courier companies that have invested significantly in last-mile delivery. Since Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, it is also a trendsetter for many different industries. They are very diverse when it comes to their operations, so it is safe to say that they are market leaders in a wide range of industries. So courier and logistics companies have to follow in Amazon’s lead to stay competitive. UPS, a famous courier company, also introduced drones into its delivery program. Companies like TCS and DHL also invested heavily in instant delivery services.

But while companies major companies can afford this investment, what about smaller e-commerce stores willing to get by. Well, they rely on local instant delivery service providers.

Smaller companies

Smaller companies are very much the backbone of any country’s economy. Although they may not make as much revenue or employ as many people as bigger firms, collectively they are essential to any economy. But the grants laws in place to help smaller companies from more leading companies cannot save them from changing consumer preferences. So if consumers want an instant delivery, smaller companies have no choice but to give it to them. And sometimes, the only way is to get into a partnership with a local instant delivery service provider.

Instant delivery services or same-day instant delivery is a very different and challenging type of delivery model. Hence not every small company can have a shot at it. Companies invest thousands of dollars in an instant courier delivery system or an on-demand instant delivery module. Above all, since smaller companies cannot afford to spend that much, a partnership with the local instant delivery service provider is inevitable.

These companies offer fast delivery and instant courier delivery to any customers that a company has. Moreover, even if they happen to charge a lot, this is a much-needed service that nearly all small companies require instant delivery services. Therefore, with the help of companies that know what they are doing, smaller companies can reach their true potential. Eventually, these companies will also have to depend on third-party instant delivery services to meet customer demand.

Why is last-mile delivery so common?

There are many reasons why last-mile delivery has indeed become so important. First, it is becoming much more common to see every company from almost every industry to implement instant delivery services. Secondly, many are wondering why these companies are implementing an on-demand instant delivery module. And it is quite simple because people want precisely that. Customers more often than not decide trends in an industry. Consequently, if customers have been responding well to fast shipping services, companies have no other choice than to provide them with the service that they want. So let’s talk a little more about the customers.


Consumers of this current age have become incredibly impatient, and it is easy to see why. Also, they can book anything from flights to movie seats. Further, with their phones, they can talk to other people miles away or find a friend’s address in the same city. Also, people have become ever so dependent on the internet and its surrounding culture. With everything literally at your fingertips, how could you possibly wait for something? As a result, the world now moves at a breakneck pace, and to keep up, people use tech that keeps up with them and the world. And that tech makes use of apps and services that can satisfy their demands.

Now that is not to say that the customers are to blame for this is a massive shift, as instant delivery services are incredible. Consumers now no longer have to go to dedicated stores or shops to get something. Instead, they can expect their goods to come to their house within a matter of hours or even minutes. And with Amazon doing it so well, the customer will expect other companies to perform at their level. Speaking of Amazon, let’s talk about how they are also responsible for this massive shift.


Undoubtedly the most leading online retailer in the world is Amazon. Amazon offers office equipment, electronics, groceries, books, e-books, and home equipment. They are a one-stop-shop but they didn’t make their way here easily. They have spent many years consolidating smaller companies in different industries. These consolidations and mergers lead to them entering the market and slowly dominating it. It has left smaller companies in a very tight and rough spot. Almost every small company directly or indirectly competes with Amazon, giving them a challenge right from the get-go.

Smaller companies need to offer the same services as Amazon to keep their customers, and if they don’t perform well, Amazon might take over. So it is safe to say that Amazon is one of the key factors that instant delivery is prevalent in the market and Amazon is also very much a trendsetter.

As the most significant online retailer, Amazon has one of the most dedicated user bases ever. Their customers are always ready to buy from them, mainly because they offer excellent customer service. And their key customer motivator is the prime subscription. Over a million people have subscribed to Amazon prime, giving them priority over other buyers. So with this influence, it is easy to say that Amazon is a trendsetter in its own right. Hence companies will follow in their footsteps and make the same decisions that they make.

Why are instant delivery services so important?

Instant delivery services are becoming much more common in a variety of different industries. Even customers have become somewhat accustomed to the instant delivery services that most companies offer. But other than customers very much enjoying this service, why is it so important? Well, because it is one of the best forms of customer service that people would want.

Better customer service  

Much like the delivery models that have changed drastically over the years, customer service has also seen a massive change. Customer service is no longer ensuring that the product or service you offer is excellent. Instead, it consists of answering queries from customers, engaging them online, and making them felt heard. Another recent addition to that list has been to give them a priority.

Companies are always in pursuit of better customer service, and they very much got that with paid priority. Crunchyroll, an online streaming site, offers its users early access to shows when they pay for a membership. Patreon allows people to support content creators, who in turn give them early access to videos or exclusive videos. Companies and websites giving people who pay more priority is very common and works very well. And when a customer feels like a company is giving them more priority, they will be more loyal to that company. It has worked great for Amazon and a variety of other companies.  

In other words, customers have begun to consider instant delivery a fantastic form of customer service. So if an e-commerce store, for example, does not offer last-mile delivery, customers may not be willing to buy from them.

The growth of instant delivery services

Fast delivery services have very much become a staple of the current generation. What was once just a unique feature that a few companies offered is now a necessity for companies to survive in this online market. So it is safe to say that on-demand delivery is growing at a rapid pace. The food industry’s delivery services alone stand at about €83 million and 1% of the total food market. That is simply an astounding number, and it is still to grow considerably over the next few years.

Many speculate that the overall market value for these instant delivery services will hit over $9 billion. These services are also expanding into various other industries, and are giving birth to industries that wouldn’t be possible without it. Companies like Postmates and new carts wouldn’t be possible without these services. Postmates will deliver anything as long as it will fit into a car. And fresh cart will supply groceries to you at your house or anywhere you want. These services are growing fast. Even people don’t have to leave their house to go shopping. Instead, they can wait at home for groceries and other essentials to come to them. Other than helping people with disabilities, this is also incredibly convenient for everyone.

The future of on-demand delivery

The On-Demand delivery economy shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. On-Demand delivery is expanding to countries far from the United States like UAE. Instant delivery in the UAE has become a blessing for many people living there, especially tourists visiting Dubai. Express delivery in Dubai ensures tourists won’t have to leave their hotel rooms to order anything of need. There are plenty of instant delivery providers in the UAE, and they are all incredibly competitive.

Other than expanding to other countries, instant delivery services will also expand in terms of tech. Making use of techs like drones and Self-driving cars is sure to take place soon. The drones will reach customers without getting stuck in traffic, making them an even faster mode of delivery. And Self driving cars will entirely forgo the element of human error in the delivery process. The future of instant delivery services is very bright for courier companies with the inclusion of AI. AI will take centre stage in their packaging process, making everything very seamless.


The instant delivery market is possibly the fastest growing market around. And that includes gaming, movies, music, the NFL, and the NBA. These services are not just the ultimate form of customer satisfaction but the ultimate form of customer service. Customers have become much more accustomed to this form of delivery, and it has very much changed the landscape for e-commerce entirely.