Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

On-Demand Delivery in Urban Markets

Lights! Do you desire that a product you ordered for minutes ago delivered to your doorstep in split seconds? ‘Ever been in that position where you needed something badly, wishing it could appear with the snap of a finger? With the advancing technology, better preferences for the day-to-day smooth running of human activities are made possible and available – instant gratification inclusive. With the new turn of events, customers now want their products delivered to them instantly or a few hours after purchase. Companies, in response, have to step up their games and meet up with the demands of customers with win-win strategies. On-demand delivery in urban markets is no longer a new thing, and producers are taking up opportunities to expand their business. They are also using this innovation to make their brands gain recognition among folks. 

Shipping ordered or purchased products around the world by companies might not pose problems; but getting them to the doorsteps of the customers has been an issue. Companies who are in the business of delivering on-demand services to their customers now make use of local companies to attend to the needs of local customers through the use of couriers. They control local delivery persons who deliver goods to the doorstep of customers on-demand. This has extended to the urban market; hence, on-demand delivery in urban markets. Sit still!

What is the on-demand delivery?

Put, on-demand delivery is the instantaneous or immediate delivery of products to customers immediately after orders have placed. With the progressive surge of technology, customer or potential buyer needs to do is click-click to get their goods. On-demand delivery services are not only increasing sales as a customer’s satisfaction could lead to a referral or more purchase. However, it is also managing the last-mile challenge facing companies over the years and is bridging a big gap. This gap may be due to the problem of last-mile (doorstep delivery) in the distribution of products in the local market.

This delivery service changes the expectations of customers as they now demand same-day delivery of ordered products. Established and start-up companies must focus on this reality and exploit it to get better and productive year by year. It is providing the opportunity needed to fulfil customer’s demands and satisfy them through immediate delivery of goods and services. It was magic to customers when products purchased are delivered to their doorsteps the same day ordered.

How does on-demand delivery work in urban markets?

On-demand delivery creates the awareness that is needed to expand your local customer location and make a/your brand stand out. It is the key to unlocking your local market and also, connecting the local sellers and buyers. It allows for global competition with other retailers and satisfying customers using it affords you opportunities to offer superior services. On-demand services are best efficient in innovative and populated areas because of the consumers and entrepreneurs who live in such areas. For the retailers, on-demand services favour them in such areas because the savvy populace can afford on-demand services.

The populace includes people who know social media businesses and advertisements and know-how secure online shopping is. Pricing depends solely on the time and distance that is to be covered during the product delivery, respectively. 

On-demand delivery in urban markets

The Urban Market

Increased competitiveness has taken over as the world becomes globalized, and even technology now leads in every sphere of life. The definition of marketing is going beyond companies and the products they sell receiving recognition but now aims towards growth and development. Thus, a company must grow and develop beyond the margin. That is marketing. The emergence of the urban market is as a result of the competition that exists between cities for a better standard of living. It is designed to meet the development needs of cities with goals that are to be achieved through the same process. So, as the global market expands, cities are treated as products for sale; towards growth and development.

Urban marketing is the response to the changes that have occurred in the global and technological aspects of an economy. It enhances the relationship that exists between the offers of urbanization and the demands of humans, local companies, and entities. Urban dwellers are exposed to diverse marketing channels because of the increased and advanced competition in the market space. They are hence available and affordable advertising strategies, policies, and sales that meet their needs satisfactorily. Marketers who go over to these areas to market their products must outline plans that are all-encompassing, need-meeting, and eco-friendly.

Urban on-demand delivery

The topmost priority of countries is economic development. However, the system keeps changing to accommodate a broader scope of development.

What is urban on-demand delivery?

On-demand delivery in urban markets offers in-house operations through the integration of demand aggregate in urban areas via their mobile platforms. Start-ups like Postmates and DoorDash in the USA, ViaMe in the UAE and Foodora and Deliveroo in Europe are the new competitors in the market. They offer services different from the others; there’s a huge bet on it whether it would be a short/long-termed service.

Urban and on-demand delivery partners

As the on-demand and local delivery services get more attention which is encouraging, it is attracting customers as well as partners. These partners are driven with the sole aim of improving customer satisfaction, growing and developing the economy and country too. There are delivery service organizations that have emerged as a result of the newly enhanced technologically market also becoming global. Aside from these well-known and emerging organizations are independent contractors who run their system solely at their terms and conditions. Companies now partner with these contractors who have the responsibility of deciding whether to or not to deliver a product. 

The first delivery partner is Uber which has gained recognition over the years of service to people and the world. Amongst others, we have the Postmates, OrderUp, DoorDash, Eaze, Uber Eats, Instacarts, etc. which joined the market years after Uber. As the delivery market expands and people thirst for express delivery; more services pop up with partners who hope to thrive; and as the on-demand delivery in the urban markets grows, new strategies are made to meet up with the change.

Quick and instant delivery services

Quick and instant delivery service is similar to same-day delivery services and requires some of the strategies it entails. Goods purchased to get to the customers almost immediately after they have been ordered; it is swift, reliable, and also affordable. Quick and instant delivery services are made possible through the use of local delivery agencies or couriers in the areas. Local delivery agencies and couriers help to deliver these purchased goods around their locality hence, rendering fast and satisfactory services. The advent of all these delivery systems has made it difficult to wait for 2-3 days before the arrival of goods.

In 2018, because about 43% of customers now want companies to deliver goods faster than they did. The effect of instant and fast delivery services over the years has been felt in customers shopping or purchasing decisions. The future of delivery services is instant delivery, and these come at little costs, and they can be accessed everywhere. Customers will be delighted to have retailers, whether local, national, or global, to utilize these services and offer to them. Customers will not have to shed a few more currencies to get their goods delivered to them fast or INSTANTLY.

Same-day courier delivery services

Logistics providers such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, and UPS provide models of same-day delivery to different locations across the globe. It has an incremental effect on products both in demand and sales and the potential to change the way we shop. It affords buyers the convenience of having an easy shopping spree online and getting purchased goods the same day. The ease of same-day delivery has opened leading retailers to innovative ways through which they can make transportation easier. The changing customers’ expectations, urbanization, rapid e-commerce that is taking on the global market fuels the same-day market. A high level of e-commerce is compulsory for the effective running of same-day delivery services.

A population that has the financial capabilities and resources to afford same-day delivery services pays too. McKinsey stated; “50% of the population of surveyed countries would prefer to pay extra EUR 6 plus for same-day delivery“. This response shows that the market will encounter a significant transformation. Logistics providers must adapt their existing networks to the change because competition will increase.

Time, speed, security, tracking:

Couriers have features that distinguish them from the regular mail service and are optional for the everyday mail service. They include time, speed, security, tracking, swift delivery times, etc. It is even more expensive than standard mail services. These services are carried out by assigned couriers who distribute goods to buyers the same day the products are ordered. Courier services are companies that transport products and services to individuals and companies. They offer rapid services to individuals and companies who need quick and apt responses. Same-day courier services can meet the demands of customers that need their goods transported over distances with speed. They are known for accountability and deal mostly in legal documents and operate on all scales.

Local express delivery

The Local Express Delivery is a new delivery option. The option provides same-day delivery services with a percentage of the price of delivery that varied from one city to the other. The local express delivery service is an innovative option for online customers for affordable shipping of goods and services. Local express is an e-commerce technological delivery service in urban markets that provides affordable and local services to the locals in an area that is either designated or not. Logistics companies like Amazon have a wide coverage area for local express delivery. They have the option of goods for sale, which changes depending on the item available in each city where they operate. eBay Now is more flexible, simple to work, and available in fewer cities than Amazon’s. They accept the PayPal option for payments with minimum orders worth $25. Local express is a way to go.

Express delivery in Dubai

It was no coincidence when goods purchased online to get delivered in time, and customers pay more attention to online shopping. Customers in an urban area now find a solace there than walking down to the store. On-demand delivery in the urban market will work effectively here. Express delivery is ‘faster than usual delivery.’ It is the fastest form of delivery services offered in the global merchant market. It is not only fast but reliable and convenient. Companies that have been able to leverage on the advancing technology deliver time-sensitive packages to different locations, providing exceptional delivery services that are unmatched in the urban market.

In Dubai, express delivery services are an accessible mode of shipping goods from one location to another. Several companies situated in the State operate this system of delivery services. Some include Titanium Cargo, Parcel Ex, Century Express courier service, MAX, Professional Local International Courier, amongst others. They have solutions and services designed to meet the needs of customers and offer them maximum satisfaction. The concentration of these companies in the State makes for more competition among them. Express delivery rates from other countries to the country on factors that vary from country to country. Products have a high probability of being delivered to the State within 2-3 working days. Procedures are strictly followed before shipping is allowed into the country.


The policies of the customs are drawn by the Federal Customs Authority as well as, the supervision of the execution of these laid down laws and the representation of the country both within and outside the State. The clearance of goods is done in the Emirates where the products are received. The Local customs departments in each Emirate draw the policies and rules that govern them, giving credence to the Common Customs Law.  


On-demand delivery in urban markets refers to a system whereby goods are delivered to customers the same or days after purchase. This innovation has helped tackle the challenge of last-mile delivery which is the last stop of delivery to consumers. On-demand is a new thing, and it is gradually becoming a household name. Technology has gone a long way to help improve small and large scale businesses. It has also boosted sales as customer’s satisfaction has led to more patronage. On-demand service is taking over the world, and local and international companies must draw policies that would help keep their customers. Online shopping is what most people do over the globe, especially those settled in the urban areas of countries. Goods can be shipped from one state to the other the same day they are ordered for through express delivery which is the fastest means ever.

As customer’s purchasing attitude changes and technology evolves, so do logistics, and sales companies do change to match up these rapid changes. On-demand has created a significant opportunity for social media businesses to boom. Almost everything now ordered online. No longer people want to go to the store when they can get products with a few clicks. So much for technological improvement. It is a package that comes with so many benefits.