Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Introduction to ViaMe On-Demand Delivery App

In today’s living standard, convenience is king. It’s no wonder that online shopping has now become the norm. Why leave the comfort of your bed to go to a shop when you can get anything you need with a few swipes and taps on your smartphone? A study finds that there is a high demand for ‘developing a better last-mile solution‘ for package delivery. As a result, a recently launched delivery service, ViaMe Delivery Services, offers its customers an instant delivery solution. So, what is the ViaMe on-demand delivery app, and what does it have to offer? This article “on-demand delivery app” is the perfect starting point to understand the on-demand parcel delivery business. So, continue reading.


What is the Definition of On Demand Delivery App?

An on-demand delivery app is a program that allows users to access the product quickly for immediate delivery. This is either done instantly or according to the schedule.

How does a mobile app for on-demand parcel delivery work?

A simple on-demand delivery app offers an easy way to track your packages in real-time: from the time the parcel is booked in the system (by a user or carrier) up to the time it reaches its destination and delivered to the location.

What sets the ViaMe on-demand delivery apart from others?

There are key differences between the FedEx or DPD parcel delivery app and on-demand parcel delivery services like Uber and ViaMe.

Living in a fast-paced city like Dubai, we don’t get enough time to do the things we aspire to do. Well, we’re here to save you time, make your life more comfortable and allow you to visit your city like never before.

ViaMe has transformed the way things move. We’re proud of our capability to deliver instantly, wherever you are and whenever you want. You can track your package in real-time using the ViaMe on-demand delivery app. From the second you book your delivery, you can track your rider on the map using the ViaMe app until your package reaches you. The best part is, we are cost-effective; we deliver instantly for the price you would pay for same-day delivery.

Benefits of using the ViaMe on-demand delivery app

Incentive growth

With our excellent experience and the adoption of the latest technologies, our on-demand delivery can help your business thrive. Get instant delivery of your services and products to your clients and customers.

You need to know that the timely delivery of a product helps much with customer satisfaction and in the long run, customer retention. As you retain the various satisfied customers, so, would your revenue base continue to grow. All thanks to our on-demand delivery services.


Usually, the on-demand delivery service is cost-effective as you don’t need to hire a dispatcher or courier for full-time. However, with the ViaMe on-demand delivery app, you can enjoy instant delivery as well, in a part of what you would otherwise get from our rivals. Therefore, we help you reduce the cost of overhead delivery without sacrificing service quality.

Comfort & leisure

Just the swipe of a button, you can save our delivery service on our ViaMe on-demand delivery app to help you deliver for your business or personal life. No documentation, no pain, do everything in your comfort. With the assurance of faster delivery, we help you focus on your business.

Worry-free deliveries

ViaMe on-demand delivery is also unique in that it helps reduce the hassle you have on all package deliveries. Most of the on-demand delivery companies offer on-demand services only on exclusive products and sizes. However, with ViaMe on-demand delivery, all your parcels, whether big or small, delicate or not, can enjoy fast and quick delivery.

On-demand delivery in Dubai

Dubai is a vast market for on-demand fulfilment because of its luxurious lifestyle and advancement in technology. There are plenty of on-demand delivery startups in Dubai with a plethora more entering daily to tap into the market. Nevertheless, most of these on-demand delivery companies specialise in the food delivery division.

A KPMG 2017 report announced that over 87% of the surveyed food operators in the UAE’s food and beverages industry are registered on delivery apps.

For those of us who are discussing Dubai’s economic arena, this is not strange, nor is it surprising — Dubai and the rest of the Emirates, are famous for adverse weather conditions most of the year. Therefore, on-demand delivery has become a natural lifestyle rather than the luxury that it is considered in Europe and the rest of the world.

How to avail ViaMe on-demand delivery service?

Let us know what you need to send, when, where to pick it up and drop it off! What next? Sit back and relax! Let us worry about your task-at-hand, and you’ll get more out of the things you enjoy doing.

We’re an on-demand delivery app that allows you to connect to the nearest delivery operator who can pick up items from anywhere in the city and make instant deliveries. We are always on the move for you.

Using the ViaMe on-demand delivery app, sending and receiving packages is super easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the ViaMe on-demand delivery app on your preferred device
  2. Sign-up by providing your necessary details (name, phone, and e-mail address)
  3. Set your pick-up and drop off locations
  4. Choose a payment method (card or cash)
  5. Enter your shipping details, the receiver’s name, and phone (if it’s not you)
  6. Confirm the booking

The ViaMe on-demand delivery app will notify you when a driver accepts your booking, and that is precisely when you will be charged.

Once your booking gets confirmed, you’ll be able to track your driver using our cutting-edge live tracking technology on the app.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the ViaMe app and book your next delivery!

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