Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

How a Quick Delivery Service Can Benefit Individuals

Have you ever found yourself looking for a reliable, quick courier delivery service that is local and provides hassle-free delivery? Probably many times. In this technology-driven age, we prefer our parcels, gifts, and other valuable items to be easily picked and delivered on the same day along with the added security tracking them through a mobile application.

Real-life scenarios

Scenario 1:

Mr. Abdullah is working in a well-reputed firm. He has maintained a reputation of being punctual and always completing assignments within their due time frame.

However, one day he found himself where luck didn’t favour him as it used to, he forgot an important document at his apartment. In his mind, he saw himself getting fired by his superiors. Suddenly he saw hope in the idea that there should be a delivery service that delivers on the same day. The list was long, and he had to make choices about the most efficient courier delivery service that could perform the job. The clock was ticking away.

Scenario 2:

Mrs. Huda is a housewife always occupied with her three kids and their needs. Now the addition of a newborn has already added to the stress in her life. She feels like she can’t go outside her house even to purchase grocery items. She is searching online and asking her friends to refer her to a courier delivery service that can deliver on the same day. Meanwhile, her kids continue to be a constant nuisance.

Scenario 3:

Mr. Farhan is an 80-year-old diabetic patient, almost bedridden, and unable to go out to purchase his medicines. He is desperate to find the best courier delivery service that can take the fact into account that drugs should be delivered carefully and in time.

Scenario 4:

Kubra is a student studying Business Administration in an institute in Dubai. While on her way, she realizes that today is Father’s Day, and she completely forgot to wish her father this morning. She searched for an online delivery solution that sends gifts with instant delivery.

All of these scenarios are part of our daily lives because our schedules are getting busier and more stressful than ever. So, we want an instant solution to our delivery that is online and reliable too. However, there are more factors to consider than just randomly picking a service.

Things to inquire while selecting a regional courier delivery service

There are several things to consider before choosing a courier delivery service. These are:


The first and most important thing to look for in a courier delivery service provider is reliability. One cannot entrust a service provider with their valuable items without knowing whether they will reach their destination safely or not. Give priority to a service provider that values the trust of its clients.


Another factor that comes into play is that the courier delivery service we are opting for is providing delivery in the most economical way possible. Paying somewhat a hefty price and receiving your items not the way you intended them to be; is neither favourable for the client nor the service provider. The competition in the market is getting harder day by day to make sure that the prices are economical and service unmatchable.


Everyone wants their goods, gift items to deliver in time and safely. The best courier delivery service provider makes sure that the whole process of picking up parcel and delivery is transparent and traceable through specially designed mobile and web applications. Therefore, the customer should be able to track their orders in real-time GPS enabled technology. Moreover, the risk should not be there regarding credit card transactions and cash on delivery services (COD).

Logistic support

A courier delivery service should be able to carry out its functions smoothly without a hitch. It can only be possible when a courier delivery service provider equips itself with a strong logistical network. It becomes more of a priority when a customer wants full benefits of cash on delivery at home.

Customer service

The best courier delivery service provides unmatchable customer services where queries and complaints of their clients don’t go unanswered. So, It requires them to hire professional staff that fulfils their designated job.

Refund Policy

In case of unfortunate events like misplacing a package or theft, the courier delivery service should be able to assume responsibility. The customer should be able to ask for a refund if the service provider is unable to deliver.


Courier delivery services selection should be according to their availability around the clock and the area they can cover through delivery. Most companies don’t deliver to specific localities in the city and thus have a limited range of services. Keep in mind that a courier delivery service is capable of delivering your package to the area you have selected.

Evaluating all these factors and applying it upon scenarios mentioned above where individuals searched for delivery solutions; an instant delivery service provider comes to the rescue.

Three reasons to use an instant courier delivery service

Whether you dread being stuck in traffic for hours to get groceries or want to send a gift to your friend without actually going shopping, here are three reasons you should opt for on-demand courier delivery service that provides instant delivery.

On-time delivery

As it is a fast-paced era where one cannot waste time, a local courier delivery service ensures that all deliveries are completed without any hindrance and in time.

Less cost

It is beneficial for both companies and customers that there is an economical approach towards the instant delivery of packages and parcels. The former expand their customer base while the latter is satisfied that it didn’t cause a burden on pocket.

Less trouble and wastage of time

The more trouble-free goods delivery gets, there is less wastage of time and resources. As a result, it reduces a person’s stress that they have to wait for days or even months for their product to arrive. It also gives a sense of assurance that sensitive items like jewellery and document are delivered in a safe manner and at the right time.

Last-mile delivery performance by third-party carriers

What are third-party carriers?

Third-party carriers perform the role of a bridge between clients transporting an item from one potential client to another. It includes picking, packing, and delivery and usually tailors to the customer’s needs.

Today established companies that specialize in the delivery of packages are getting overburdened by the volume. Moreover, the competition in the market is compelling them to perform their best. Third-party carriers are emerging at a faster speed to manage the delivery load to keep up with the expanding consumer base. They ensure that the package delivery process is less time-consuming. There are many reasons that the third-party carrier performs a better job.

Lower cost

It drastically lowers the cost of an individual. Suppose you are stuck at home like Mrs. Huda with her newborn baby, you would want items delivered at your home at low shipping charges. Third-party carriers are mostly local, and they minimize the cost of shipping rather than regional or international carriers.

Updated equipment and IT support

They have the upper hand of upgraded equipment, workforce, as well as a skillfully maintained IT support. The majority of third-party carriers provide the facility of live tracking through a unique tracking number. The customer feels confident that he can get minute by minute update of their order.


They manage to let you experience the most time-saving delivery ever. The packages you intend to receive, deliver on the same day. It eliminates the chances of order delay and other technical hassles.

Peace of mind

Often, a person has to manage his resources, like Mr. Abdullah, who asked his friend to bring the vital document to his office. With the help of a reliable third-party carrier, he would be able to concentrate on his work and let the stress of bringing document shift upon the courier delivery service. It minimizes the use of resources by individuals and let them focus on other essential aspects of life.

Geographical access

Postal services and regional couriers charge individuals based on their region and distance. However, a third-party carrier has more access to areas that the former sometimes decline to deliver. It makes them flexible and an economical way because they use low maintenance vehicles such as motorcycles in the localities that are inaccessible.

How Individuals Benefit?

Many of us are continually multitasking, juggling several roles and duties in life. With such congested schedules, managing home and work life, the last thing we want is to search for a courier service that can deliver on the same day.

We want our parcels and other goods to reach fast and safely. In this regard, a local courier delivery company should be our first choice, which is capable of delivering packages, documents, and sensitive items within hours. There are several pros in picking a quick delivery service, which is as follows:

• Minimizes delivery time

The first and foremost advantage is that it reduces delivery time not in days but into hours. It makes the whole process of picking, packing, and delivery an efficient one.

• Less expenditure

It reduces the overall cost of delivering packages, parcels, or documents from one place to another, making it a convenient choice for both individuals and small business setups.

• Minimizes unnecessary stress

A customer doesn’t have to utilize his or her resources for the delivery; it becomes the job of the chosen courier delivery service. Now one can even send gifts, confectioneries just a day before a special occasion to their friends and family.

• Less damage to the goods

It reduces damage to the products and parcels by delivering in time and avoids the possibility of a change of hands. It is the safest way to deliver fragile items and jewellery since a single courier delivery service handles them.

Most of the big names in the online shopping industry transfer their package volume to local courier or postal service, often resulting in misplaced parcels or theft. Therefore, to avoid such situations, one should choose a local courier delivery service that takes full responsibility.

• Less trouble in tracking your order

When we pick a local courier delivery service, we are also making sure that our request will stay in the dimension of the single tracking system. It will also add to the sense of security on the customer’s end. When two or more tracking systems are there, then chances are more of mislocating the parcel.

• Successful rapport building

A successful business builds around its customers’ trust and support. When a courier delivery service strives for instant delivery; So, minimizing chances of damage to the order and making the convenience of home delivery an enjoyable experience. It rises above its competitor bringing in more customers.

Domestic Courier Delivery Services in UAE

Lifestyle in UAE is getting hectic day by day. In the age where our lives revolve around smartphones and artificial intelligence; we want our package delivery instant and without unnecessary delay. Most of the people pay a heavy price only to receive their packages on the same day. UAE being the hub of international trade and tourism, can’t be far behind in providing reliable and local courier delivery service.

Local Courier Delivery Service

There is numerous on-demand courier delivery service that provides the option of same-day delivery with COD and picking up the parcel from customers‘ place. However, many of them are charging more, have limited ordering time, geographical limitations, and the absence of a dedicated mobile application for live tracking.

The question is which local courier delivery service can solve all these problems. Check out, a Dubai based local delivery service that provides instant delivery in Dubai for individuals.

Fast Delivery Service

How fast is the ViaMe delivery service?

ViaMe is an on-demand delivery service that guarantees delivery within an hour, yes one hour. You can request a pickup or delivery online through the high-tech application. The app uses live tracking so you can see the status of your package live on the map. Whether it’s a forgotten wallet or gift delivery to your friend, ViaMe has you covered.

It is our ideology to make delivery an instant process; gaining your trust is the essential component in our journey to become the best delivery service.

Traditionally, you would wait for your parcel for a day or two. However, has reduced the time to just an hour. We are a flexible, cost-effective, courier service that aims to become the leader in the field of instant delivery in Dubai.