Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

Same Day Delivery in UAE

If you’re the manager of a recognizable corporate company, then you’ll know the struggles of on-time delivery. Roads get blocked, vehicles get stalled, and the process can take up to 4 days. And even with the fastest courier services, deliveries can always get delayed. But with express courier delivery, delays are no longer an issue. Express or same day delivery means on-time delivery within 24 hours. Many businesses in the UAE are making use of these services to boost their logistics. Hospitals, pharmacies, food processing factories, and corporates make use of same-day delivery. There are over a hundred different express courier services/ same-day delivery in UAE. The most popular one is the ViaMe, MAX Express and SkyNet Worldwide. 

Instant delivery service requires a lot of careful planning and management. Couriers need a decent fleet management system. Regular vehicle inspections and rapid fast processing! Orders need to place and confirmed immediately. Most services have a cut-off time, which is the maximum time by which you can place the order.

Same day delivery in Dubai is used very widely. Let’s take a look at some of the significant aspects of same-day delivery.

Definition: Same-day delivery

What does same-day delivery mean?

Same-day delivery refers to the dispatching and delivery of products on the same day. Most delivery systems take up to 2- 4 days to deliver, and some even thirty. However, same-day delivery is a rapid fast service that gets you the parcel urgently.

These services use for urgent deliveries. That includes confidential letters, documents, awards, and messages. Delivery of food items that will go bad if stored for more than one day also comes under this heading. 

Apart from that, same-day delivery also concerns with the urgent delivery of medication. Most people can’t afford to wait for their medication to arrive. These services are also used by hospitals and pharmacies to acquire mediation as soon as possible.

Many businesses don’t even have their delivery system. Instead, they sign a contract with other courier services that can last well beyond six months. The courier delivers parcels for the company, while the business enjoys a spike in customer satisfaction.

What does the same day delivery system comprise of?

Same day delivery is different from conventional delivery systems. This requires more intricate fleet management, more vehicles, and faster processing. In general, the same-day delivery system would require:

  1. A big and manageable fleet of vehicles. The vehicles need to check regularly and should always stock on fuel.
  2. Delivery persons to get the item delivered. Most of the time, the delivery person is the driver of the vehicle. But that is not always the case.
  3. The 24-hour call centre that takes in orders and lets customers know about their packages in real-time. 
  4. Air, road, and ship freight services for international and inter-city shipping. Many of these vehicles need to pass tolls and highway checks.
  5. Rapid fast processing. The order confirmation and dispatching should complete within 24 hours. Customs and sorting should be handled as soon as possible.

With these elements, same day delivery can keep their contractors content and satisfied. 

What can be shipped via same day delivery in Dubai?

Primarily, anyone can use same day delivery in UAE and anywhere in the world. Most courier services offer same day shipment. But there are numerous other uses of same-day shipment. To summarize it, same-day delivery can use in the following ways:

By the general public:

The general public uses same day delivery in Dubai for the delivery of letters, gifts, and cards. They opt for same day delivery in courier services to urgently deliver an item. For example, a customer may want to send a gift to a wedding they cannot attend. Similarly, shipment to parties and other events can be made easier with same day shipment.

Same day delivery in Dubai is also used to send mails that are urgent and need to be acknowledged ASAP. An example would be a letter for a person to undertake specific duties immediately. Emailing and text messaging have taken over, but some people still use mail. Parcels containing physical items are also shipped via same-day delivery.

By food companies:

Food companies are the biggest consumers of same day delivery in Dubai. This includes restaurants and hotels as well as food processing plants. For restaurants, same day shipment is the standard. Food needs to send as soon as it is cooked. For food processing plants, the food items need to send out immediately.

Stalling the delivery process can risk the degradation of the food. Most food items are packaged with nitrogen and sprayed with preservatives. But even so, products can go wrong as quickly as they manufactured. Also, if the company deals with organic foods, their lifespan is short. Same day delivery ensures rapid dispatching to wholesalers and retailers.

By pharmacies and hospitals:

Pharmacies and hospitals make use of same day delivery in Dubai. These are the places where instant delivery needs the most. Equipment such as syringes, photographic film, and bedsheets need to renew frequently. Having a surplus supply of these is a good idea. But many hospitals opt to order equipment every day.

Same day delivery is in use at pharmacies to regularly stock on medication and prescription drugs. Pharmacies order their medicines from local manufacturing plants. The most common one in UAE is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). This company ships not only prescription drugs but cures, antidotes, and vaccines.

Why customers choose same day delivery?

There can be several reasons why consumers opt for same day delivery. The most common cause is the urgent shipping of supplies or food items. Local and remote food companies need to ship food as fast as they can to nearby wholesalers. Once manufactured in factories, these packaged items are sent to the wholesale dealers. They may first keep it in a warehouse to sort. But most of the sorting complete in the factories themselves.

Then these goods are shipped to wholesalers, where they are then shipped to retailers. The entire process needs to be rapid fast to maintain the quality of the food. Pharmacies and hospitals aloes make use of same day delivery services. The doctors, patients, and surgeons need equipment daily. Syringes and scalpels need to dispose of and renewed after every use. 

Pharmacies use same-day delivery to order medicine. It’s disappointing when a customer asks for a specific drug, and the store doesn’t have it. Most people can’t afford to wait to get their prescribed medication. So the pharmacy needs to restock frequently.

Other than that, regular citizens can make use of same-day shipment for urgent parcels and gifts. For event-hosting, same day shipment is in use for decoration and food. Internationally, goods can be transferred after passing customs and sorting. The process may take up to eight hours, depending on where the package is heading.

Benefits of same-day delivery services in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an industrial giant. The world’s biggest corporations and industries work within the Emirates. So to say that same day delivery is not needed would be a blatant lie. The truth is, over a thousand corporate companies in the UAE make use of same day delivery. These corporations much need quick delivery services in UAE.

By far, the most significant benefit of same day shipment is faster processing. Usually, assembly lines and manufacturing processes can get stalled due to a lack of supplies. Same day delivery ensures that you have a rapid inflow of supplies and orders. In an industrial behemoth like UAE, factories cannot afford to stop, even for a second.

Other than that, the second benefit would be international shipping. Most international shipping can take days, even a whole month. But with same day delivery, you get priority delivery of your products. So for online stores that sell worldwide, this service is crucial to maintain a rapid flow of exports.

For e-commerce websites and stores, same day shipments are the best, especially when it comes to online pharmacies and drug stores! Many people who live in the UAE are temporary residents. It is very likely that they will want to go shopping during their visit, but won’t have the time to do so in person. An eCommerce website with same day delivery wastes no time in giving the customers what they want.

How does effective fleet management impact same day delivery?

Fleet management refers to the monitoring, regulation, and inspection of vehicles. Fleet management is an essential aspect of effective same day shipments. Vehicles that are out of fuel or ineligible for use will stall the delivery process. The vehicles should regularly check, at least every week. Any signs of deterioration in the chassis, hydraulics, and tires should consider immediately.

The most dominant aspect of fleet management is monitoring and tracking of vehicles. When you’re able to check up on the status of a vehicle manually, your delivery process becomes more reliable. With effective fleet management, you can track order status, vehicle status, and the driver’s driving habits. A full database of both the vehicle and the driver’s information helps in monitoring suspicious behaviour. And this will make your same day delivery ten times more efficient.

Lack of active fleet management can result in you losing track of your vehicles and drivers. This can mean that you will have zero knowledge of whether an order has been placed or not. This also results in drivers idling off or procrastinating without your experience. Also, vehicle inspections will become less organized without tracking.

International same day delivery

International same day delivery can be trickier than domestic deliveries. For one thing, many cargo flights can take up to 7 hours, even if they don’t make any other stops. International same day shipment is rare, and most services only offer next-day delivery.

For same day delivery between countries, couriers can charge between $60 and $400. The cost of the shipment depends on the volume of the shipment. The destination also factors into how much the shipment will cost.

Typically, you will have to pay for fuel surcharge and security charges. The goods will have to go through customs screening. And if your shipment weighs above 70 Kg, you must put it in a pallet. Additional handling will cost more.

Shipments carry out through ultra-fast jetliners. For countries that are just neighboring, a truck or freight train may also be used. Most international couriers will require you to do a lot of paperwork. And a slight discrepancy can void the shipment until further notice.

Prices of same day delivery in UAE

Same day delivery in Dubai depends on the weight of the shipment and the service being used. In the UAE, same day delivery within the states can cost anywhere between AED18 and AED25. Shipping from one emirate to another can cost as much as AED100. This also depends on how many shipments you’re making. And how much space cargo takes on the flight.

Typically, the weight of the shipment also factors in. But this is not necessary. For example, DHL’s courier services only look at how much volume the crate takes up in the storage. Also, the rates vary depending on where you’re shipping. If you’re shipping from UAE to another country, that can cost as much as 100 AED. A single shipment of 1 Kg weight and one cubic meter volume can cost as much as 6,100 AED. Same day delivery rates vary from courier to courier.

Shipment of documents vs. non-document items costs practically the same. However, since documents have lighter weight and smaller volume, they cost less. The cheapest shipment at SkyNet Worldwide costs 95 AED.

Same day delivery in Dubai

In Dubai, over a hundred courier services are operating. The region is the busiest, so deliveries are made at an alarming rate. In a place like that, same day delivery is no stranger. Within the Emirates, the most popular courier services are ViaMe and MAX Express. These companies were established just a few years ago and have grown into the most significant delivery service in UAE. They provide same day delivery on both domestic and international shipping.

Then there’s SkyNet Worldwide. They can ship to and from any country. They deal mostly with parcels and physical objects. Although large submissions of documents also accept! Non-UAE based Fed-Ex also operates in the area and takes express delivery service orders. They ship across borders and let you track the shipment. Fed-Ex is widely used by businesses and corporates to take care of bulk orders.


If you’re living and working in the UAE, you need to familiarize yourself with same day delivery. Express logistics is a crucial component of restocking your supply. Sending gifts, cards, and confidential documents can also cover by same day shipment.

Naturally, people refrain from on-demand delivery service as they can be too expensive. However, for a business that thrives off of timely delivery, express shipment is crucial. Never compromise on your customers’ satisfaction. A single happy customer can take you a long way in terms of service quality.

If you deal with international sellers and buyers, same day shipment is your best friend. For eCommerce websites and online stores, shipment is the biggest advantage. Customers tend to opt for one store over the other solely based on their delivery timing.

Whatever the case, same day delivery in UAE is definitely worth the investment. Your company will benefit from it. And you don’t even need to make your delivery system. Simply piggyback off of courier service providers, and you’re good to go.