Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

The Global On-Demand Delivery Business

The on-demand delivery business is one of the most valuable businesses in the world; because it is what makes the world move. With the on-demand delivery business, you can ship products, communicate through paperwork, receive shipments and payments instantly as per your preference. Therefore, many businesses prefer to ship their products to clients by using on-demand delivery services. 

What is an on-demand delivery business?

The on-demand delivery business benefits local delivery people to bring products to customers instantly. On-demand delivery is a way of instant or urgent delivery of products and services to customers at their doorstep. This system is designed by tech-driven companies to meet customer demands quickly. Furthermore, the on-demand delivery business is ideal for users who look for easy, fast and simple solutions.

Although many on-demand services are easily available throughout the day, some companies offer stand-by or schedule delivery services to customers. For this reason, companies are now using the on-demand delivery app builder to attract customers. This type of service is meant to make things more comfortable for the customer. As a customer, if you want something right now, you can get it right away because of the on-demand delivery models.

The on-demand delivery evolution

Over the past decade, two factors have boosted the on-demand delivery economy: customer aspire for time-saving ways to purchase goods and services, especially those that are tailored and personalized, electronic payment methods and digital app-based matching technology.

The on-demand delivery economy is turning away power from big and small businesses and giving it to customers, who now expect to receive it when they want it or need it. The customer no longer has to rely on conventional supply chains or broken business models. Instead, they can look at each other, and their smartphones to meet virtually any requirement. 

The extension of the on-demand delivery economy has introduced niche and luxury goods to a broader market; it even reaches low-lying areas, such as lack of fresh produce in the city’s neighbourhoods.

Which factors lead to a successful on-demand delivery business?

Managing an on-demand delivery business is a hard job because the services must be consistent. An on-demand delivery business does not start at a parcel and end at delivery. Several other factors make an on-demand delivery business successful. We have discussed some of the following:

Stay consistent

The most important aspect of an on-demand delivery business is consistency. Since these businesses usually serve more than one type of customer and client, consistency will define quality. These businesses have both local as well as foreign clients who need their services for logistics. 

Providing the same consistent service to all customers and clients is necessary. Most other businesses provide quality service to local customers. But they fail to uphold the same quality with foreign clients.

Inconsistency is a huge problem and may tarnish the company’s image in the eyes of foreign clients. Foreign clients often complain that local clients receive a much smoother service. 

It is essential to centralize services so that a certain standard of procedures and quality is maintained in the business. Only through consistency can the business thrive in the global market. 

For consistency, businesses need to overcome supply delays with locals in different countries. Since global delivery businesses don’t have headquarters in every country, they have to rely on local providers for logistics.

Global approach

For global delivery services to achieve success in foreign markets, businesses need to start locally first. For instance, many delivery services in Dubai first design their infrastructure locally and then render them to a global scale. What this does for delivery services in Dubai is that it allows them to take a concept and then implement it in a more tranquil environment. 

Global delivery businesses like on-demand delivery in Dubai need to plan on a local scale. To manage the on-demand delivery process efficiently is extremely necessary as orders come very quickly due to the nature of e-commerce. The entire process must also be agile and quick to accommodate customers and clients.

Localizing brands

Many companies are doing their best to localize their brands, so they don’t look as foreign to a particular country. It means that brands and businesses are trying to provide their customers with a brand that is foreign but feels local. How do they achieve this feat?

They achieve this feat by giving their foreign customers a local experience by providing on-demand delivery and using the local currency. Although marketing and public relations need to be localized; it is equally crucial to localize logistics as well. Localization generates more profits and increases the global presence of your company. To accurately localize brands, businesses need to invest in a reliable medium that acts as a bridge. This medium can be a third-party logistics company. It can provide you with the logistics and local information you need to localize the brand successfully. 

It is improbable that small and medium-sized businesses have workers and teams that can effectively communicate in several foreign languages. In this case, a third-party logistics company can be of massive help in localizing the brand and overcoming communication barriers.

Package/parcel tracking

The logistics process entails tracking deliveries or packages. This allows the dealer and client to monitor the delivery carefully. While they are in the process, one of the significant problems is that delivery may experience delays. This delay usually occurs when the packages and deliveries pass through the customs department in the destination country.

Documenting customs

The procedure of having packages and shipments pass through the customs department can be a mortifying process if documentation is not in order, thus causing unnecessary delays. On the other hand, if all the paperwork is in order, then items get cleared quickly.

Many countries rely on a particular system called the Harmonized System or the HS. They create a unique numeric code that helps to identify the thousands of packages. However, many other countries do not share sufficient harmonized systems to track their goods and shipments. 

For example, when using on-demand delivery services in Dubai, the commercial invoice for your package will be in Arabic/English. This includes the date and time stamp, along with other information, such as shipment details. It depends on the kind of service you’re using. Also, it depends on whether the delivery service is global or not.

It is widespread for the customs department to delay shipments and packages due to incomplete paperwork or incorrect information on the invoice. Therefore, ensure the paperwork is correctly filled before sending out the packages. Doing this can ultimately save you from inconveniences later and help you stay on track. Get the customers relieved that there is tracking available for their parcels. When customers are satisfied with the service you provide, the business will flourish on its own. 

Providing customer service

Businesses must remember that their foreign customers and clients need to be treated in the same way as the local customers. Global on-demand delivery businesses should invest in localized customer services. This is so that the customer experience is uniform throughout different regions. Localized customer service builds up the brand image and makes you more trustworthy in the eyes of customers and clients. It is essential to know that the difference between the time zones should be considered. Check before going forward with striking a deal with a global clientele. 

Global on-demand delivery businesses should also follow and adopt standard practices. Such as same-day delivery and buyer’s protection in the market. The same-day delivery and buyer’s protection features help you stay relevant in the market.

Same day delivery is a special kind of feature which attracts both local as well as foreign customers. However, the same day delivery option attracts international customers more than local. This is because same-day delivery means a quick and efficient way to get your documents from one place to another. However, you need to properly search for third-party local courier businesses to help you with same-day delivery.

Once you localize the customer service departments and hire people native to a particular country, your business will be favourable to global clients. This is because these people will be amply equipped to serve your global clients. 

Formatting the data

Businesses must take note that the data produced by same-day delivery logistics companies are not always equal. Even the dates can be a bit confusing if we’re talking about different countries, the date and time can be different for different places.

Other than this, the format of the date and time can also vary from region to region. While some regions might use the month/date/year format, other regions may use a variation of it. For example, a date on the invoice written as “7/3/19” can be a problem for many regions. This can be defined as both “3rd July 2019” as well as “7th March 2019,” according to the region. For this purpose, companies must adequately figure out the formats and then change formats if it is necessary. It can be a massive inconvenience if the date format is wrongly interpreted. Therefore, businesses need representatives to help them figure out what format is used where. 

How can on-demand delivery businesses find the right local partners?

Having the appropriate local partners in foreign markets is crucial for any global on-demand delivery business. You must know how to use these ground courier skills to help you in finding success. Many global on-demand delivery services in Dubai also use several third-party local partners. Such local partners can help in achieving the kind of localization for their brand that they look for. 

Many experts in the field suggest that local people with sharing language and customs can better handle your logistics. These customer-facing interactions can range from final mile delivery to customer services. They can all be handled better by people who have firsthand knowledge of the culture, language, and customs.

The major problem that a delivery business can face is finding the proper local partners for the business. A major question is how these businesses find the appropriate partners without knowing their culture. Costly global trips between the two countries can be one way of doing this. 

Another effective way of finding the right partners is to find the right third-party logistics businesses. They have already established significant ties with local services. Instead of finding local service providers yourself and dealing with them, you can effectively choose to opt for third-party companies that will save you a lot of time and money. 


Many same-day delivery services in different locations like Dubai offer localized services for the courier. On-demand delivery businesses that have their services localized are much better than those who have not. This is because they know about the formats and other information about the region in general.