Same Day Delivery Services in Dubai

There’s a New Instant Delivery Service in Town

It’s your friend’s birthday. You were busy all day in planning a surprise birthday bash. Everything went according to plan, and your friend is super happy. It’s time for the presents, but now you are “surprised” for the reason that you forgot the gift at home. Don’t panic. All you have to do is to look for an instant delivery service that provides door to door delivery. While your friend is unwrapping other presents, ask any of the best courier services to send instantly. What a relief! Isn’t it?

Now consider yourself in another situation.

You are a businessman. Within an hour, you have an important meeting with a client. It seems like everything is under control until you realize that the documents are missing. Can you imagine the horror? It must be worse than a nightmare — first, no need to freak out. Probably you have forgotten the documents at your study table, right? However, you can’t trust anyone with those papers, but you want them instantly.

So, here is the deal. Many professional courier services offer pickup now service. Search for the one with same-day courier service. Wait for the file to get delivered.

These are just two of the situations you may encounter daily. It’s natural. There are times when you forget important documents, a parcel, a present, or even your wallet somewhere. Instant delivery service is a quick solution to all such problems.

Let’s find out why an instant delivery service is a right option to rescue you in such situations.

Reasons to Choose an Instant Delivery Service

Before finding out the reasons to opt for a courier service, it is essential to know the basics.

What is a Local Courier Service?

A local courier service is a company that is specific to a region that delivers parcel and packages. Such companies cater to individuals and business outfits. Hence, you can send a parcel to a friend or a business group within your city or state. Further, these companies extend their services beyond Dubai as well. As a result, you may get a parcel delivered to regions adjacent to the Emirates across the U.A.E.

First, the super-fast delivery services save you from falling into trouble. Also, it relieves stress. Above all, you may choose “pickup now” or “pickup later” service as per your requirement.

It’s Quick

Time is money. So, you can’t afford to waste a minute in this fast-paced era, or you will be left behind. Hence, opting for a courier service ensures the delivery of goods in real-time. Also, the process is smooth, without any hindrances.


Because of their low cost, instant delivery services changed the global delivery market. First, the service is convenient for the customers as it is hassle-free. Further, it helps companies to reach more buyers. So, the instant delivery of packages benefits both parties in the process. 

Rescues from Trouble

 Contacting an instant delivery service company is a smart move. The smoother the process, the less time and resources are spent. First, there is no need to worry about product delivery on time. Also, it assures the safe delivery of valuable items to the customer. As a result, the buyer becomes stress-free.

What to Look For In Your Regional Courier Service

An instant delivery service helps you in many ways. Hence, taking the services of the best professional courier services puts your mind on ease. Also, it lets you enjoy the experience to the optimum. The key is to make the right choice; choose your courier service wisely.

So, whether you are an end-user or dealing as a business organization, ensure that your service courier company meets these standards.


First things first; make sure that the company you are dealing with is reliable. You want your packages to reach their destined location safely. And for that reason, it’s crucial to opt for a trustworthy company.


Sometimes delivering valuable goods, documents or items can be stressful. No one wants to take the chance with their parcels and packages. Therefore, make sure that your service provider is transparent and traceable.

Due to special mobile and web apps, tracking your orders is very much possible today. Also, opt for a courier service famous for smooth transactions and cash on delivery services. Hence, this will save you from any trouble. 

Low Cost

All instant delivery services are economical. Therefore, try to look for the most proficient service provider. There are many courier companies in the market. So, you have a wide range of options from which you can choose. Companies do not find it favourable to charge a hefty amount for the services they provide. For this reason, many firms offer quality services with low costs to stand out.

Other Than These Factors, You Should Know About The Company’s

  • Logistics network as it helps to make the delivery service smoother.
  • Customer services as you want someone to respond to your queries and address your concerns in the process.
  • Refund policy, if your parcel gets misplaced or stolen, will they take the responsibility?

A New Delivery Service in Town: ViaMe

Life in the UAE is becoming faster every day. As a result, people tend to look for efficient ways to get tasks done in real-time. Like other activities, there is an increased demand for instant parcel and package delivery services. Who likes to receive an urgent parcel or document after the deadline? No one! Hence, customers don’t mind paying for same-day courier services

Since U.A.E. is the centre of international trade, it has numerous local courier services. However, certain hindrances come in a customer’s way. Massive delivery charges, limited time to order, geographical constraints, no live tracking facility, are few of them. However, there is a new courier service in town that addresses all such concerns, i.e., ViaMe.

What is ViaMe?

ViaMe is a Dubai based delivery service that is changing the outlook of the courier industry. ViaMe believes in bridging the gap between you and your parcel in real-time. Unlike traditional courier services, ViaMe delivers goods within an hour. Isn’t that real quick?

Further, ViaMe is a tech-driven company that allows you to keep track of your orders. Hence, you can check the status of your parcel right from the pickup to the execution. Whether you want ViaMe to pick up your package now, or pick up later, you are covered.

Above all, you can take their services for small delivery packages, such as a file or wallet, or even for shipping goods to companies. ViaMe is a cost-effective urban delivery service with a goal to lead the instant delivery services in Dubai.

How ViaMe Benefits Individuals?

Living in UAE requires people to up their work strategy to match the pace. Spending several hours on one thing is not an option anymore. Rather people look for convenient ways and sources because of the busy schedules. While you are juggling with your other duties, ViaMe is there to take care of your parcels and packages.

The tech-driven company is one of the best courier services for an individual. Here are some of the benefits it offers.

ViaMe is Instant

First, ViaMe delivers your packages, documents, or goods quicker than many. From picking the order to packing it, and delivering, the whole process is completed within hours. Hence, ViaMe is an efficient delivery service option.

ViaMe is Cost-effective

ViaMe takes responsibility for the whole package delivery process. Hence, you don’t have to pay an extra amount at any step. Thus, it reduces the overall cost.

ViaMe Ensures Peace of Mind

It may so happen that you forget to send confectionaries to one of your aunt on Eid day. She lives far away, and you can’t visit her because of the time shortage. ViaMe is there to rescue. Enjoy the festivities while ViaMe delivers your parcel at her doorstep the same day.

ViaMe Reduces the Risk of Mishaps

The real-time delivery service by ViaMe reduces the risk of damage to fragile items or products. Since Via Me takes the whole process in hand, the chances of misplacement or theft become negligible. Hence, it is the safest local delivery courier service in town.

ViaMe Provides Instant Life Tracking

ViaMe is a trendsetting courier company that provides the facility of instant life tracking of orders to its customers. The single tracking system ensures the security of the customer’s product. Also, it helps the customer to keep track of their package from start to finish. The moment your rider collects it from your door until it is delivered to the location.

ViaMe is a Trend Setter

Who had thought that a parcel could be delivered in hours? ViaMe has made it possible due to its advanced technology. You won’t regret trusting ViaMe with your goods and packages. Instead, the experience will be enjoyable.

ViaMe is Effective for Your Business

ViaMe is “your Urban delivery partner.” So, if you are a business outlet, ViaMe caters to your delivery needs in the best way. Since ViaMe is based in Dubai, it has a more responsive and flexible service structure. Hence, ViaMe ensures operational efficiency. ViaMe can positively impact your business in the following ways.

Low Shipping Cost

Contacting a local instant delivery service helps a business organization to cut down the shipping cost. Hence, you save money.


In contrast to international courier companies that have fixed cost margins, you have more chances to negotiate. Therefore, it is more convenient for your business.

Smooth Delivery Process

ViaMe assures a smooth process for your packages. Whether you want to deliver your parcel the same day, the next day, or schedule a delivery, don’t worry. ViaMe guarantees on-time delivery.

Easy Software

While ViaMe is efficient, it’s simple as well. The ViaMe dashboard helps customers book and manage their deliveries with ease. Therefore, it is less complicated and easy to handle the software.

Life Tracking

As a businessman, you want people to trust your company. You want to retain customers. ViaMe’s life tracking application helps you to keep track of your delivery status. As a result, there is less chance of delivering the order to the wrong location.

Seamless Integration

ViaMe schedules your deliveries by integrating with the services. Hence, automation helps a seamless experience for the customer.

Trained Riders

ViaMe caters to delivery packages of all scales. Therefore, they have a professional fleet to offer –including bikes, cars, vans, and trucks.

Around the Clock Live Support

ViaMe has a 24/7 live support system. So, if there is any question or confusion, experts are there to answer.

Above all, the instant delivery of packages, the outlay, and flexibility help your business to grow.

What You Avoid With “ViaMe”

Now you must be familiar with the advantages of making ViaMe your courier partner. Here are some critical points for quick review.

  • “ViaMe” is an instant delivery service that delivers the product within hours. Thus, you are saved from prolonged wait for your parcel.
  • It is a Dubai based company, so its operational time is speedy.
  • The network is less complicated. You have to get the app. Select your service type and book the pickup or delivery.
  • ViaMe is a technology-driven company that enables you to keep track of your packages.
  • The company takes responsibility for the whole process, making it a hassle-free service.
  • There is a wide range of professional fleet to cater to different pickup or delivery package requirements.
  • Same-day delivery has become a reality with ViaMe.

Final Word

The on-going demand for courier services has made way for many local courier companies. Before opting for a company, keep certain things in mind. It should be cost-effective and efficient. The company you choose should have a smooth transaction and cash on delivery services. A company should take full responsibility for your package. The company should provide a live tracking facility with minimum ordering time.

If you are looking for all these specifications, ViaMe is the best instant delivery service in town. It not only delivers your packages in time but also facilitates the customers 24/7. Hence, you can contact them whenever you want, whether it’s a small package or a big shipment. ViaMe is your perfect urban delivery partner.